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"The Little Kitchen"

(Little Kitchen????)


Cooked up (no mess??), Written (somewhere????), Composed (put together???),

and Performed by (yep, that's me!!!)

A BMI/RACo Recording Artist!!!!

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The following midi files are original compositions. They were created
using Cakewalk Pro Audio, along with an Alesis SR-16 drum machine,
and a Roland Juno 1 and/or FP-8 keyboard. I also have a Roland GI-10 guitar midi interface,
along with a GK-2A synthesizer driver (pick-up)
mounted on my guitar, which has really opened up a whole new world for me!!!!
I've been using an AWE-64 Gold sound card (16 megs of memory), with an
8 meg E-mu GM soundfont usually loaded for listening to midi's.
I load a bunch of different soundfonts in the card when working with digital audio.
However, I just got a Yamaha SW1000XG sound card, so some XG midis are on the horizon!!!!
The songs on this page should sound good if you have a high quality wavetable card.......
and remember, the bigger the samples, the more realistic the instruments will sound.
If you are only using an FM card,
you need to go and buy a wavetable card
Right Now!!!!!
Trust me.....if you like to listen to midi's,
a good wavetable sound card with larger than standard samples
is money well spent.
Don't forget the sub-woofer!!!! :)

I would really enjoy hearing from you!!!!
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The Approach

Run away!!!!!!!


WhaWhaWhaWhat did you say?????


I see you????I see you too!!


Be very afraid......


Yankee doodle went to town.......


Big storm coming over mountain.........


Time keeps on slipping...slipping...slipping.....


Dance with da bear!!!!


I've created a monster!!!!!


WhaWhaWhaWhat did you say?????




Can't a fellow get some sleep around here!!!!!


Take that you weinie!!!!!!!!


I'm cool....very cool!!!!!!!!


Smoke 'em if you got em!!!!!


Please stand and face the flag........




Look into my eyes...your are getting sleepy.....


There's music in the air!!!!!!


How about a coffee????


The whole enchalada!!!!!!

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The background music is a combination of the above tunes,
as well as a couple of unfinished songs, and a few "arrangements".
All the tunes posted on this page are copyrighted by Keith Spillman.
The music is being freely distributed for non-commercial use only!!!
Any commercial use of these tunes is prohibited without written
permission by me. If you use my tunes on your page, at least
give me a link from your page back to mine. A note letting me know
you are using my music would also be appreciated!!! :)

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The Little Kitchen

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"The Little Kitchen"
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