"Tunes From The Little Kitchen"

I've been doing a little remodeling
and this intro page is now a gateway to my tunes.
My music page was starting to get pretty big (long load times)
so I needed to do something different. You now have three choices....
My Slow Kitchen.....which is the coolest,
My Fast Kitchen....which is the most boring (mostly text),
And my In-Between Kitchen.....which is a good compromise.
Both The Slow Kitchen, and The In-Between Kitchen include
several JAVA scripts and applets, Shockwave, and a bunch of
pictures. If you have a slow connection or an older browser,
you may experience difficulties in viewing and hearing
everything on these pages!!!
The Fast Kitchen is text only (almost) for you speed demons!!!!
My awards are displayed on the "Slow" page.

If you have trouble loading any of these pages, please let me know
what the problem was and what browser you are running.
You can send me a note by clicking

Thanks for your help!!!!

And for those that can't wait to get to the mp3's...
"The Digital Kitchen"

MP3's, Podcasts and streaming NetShow files!!!!!

My Slow
(slower loading, but most fun)


The Fun Page!!!!

My In-Between
(a good compromise on load times and fun)


The Medium Page!!!!

My Fast
(faster loading, but less fun)


The Boring Page!!!!

The Musician's PlaceTo Shop!

A BMI/RACo Recording Artist!!!!

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"The Little Kitchen"
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