Little Kitchen??????

It all started about sixteen years ago when my daughter Amanda was born.
At the time, me and my wife Michelle were living in my Grandmother's old house
which was small to say the least.

When Amanda got a little older, we bought her a Playskool kitchen.
This included the stove, refrigerator, sink, etc...........
However, I also had all my musical equipment in the same room.
I had several guitars, a couple of amps, recorders and other miscellaneous equipment.
So while she played house, I played Aerosmith and Van Halen!!!!!!

(Don't worry,she didn't suffer any permanent damage)

Therefore, I always said that if I ever did any albums, they would all be produced out of:

The Little Kitchen!!!!!

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I realize this isn't an album, but it's about the only thing I've done that's out in the public's eye.
The recording contracts just haven't shown up yet for some reason?????

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