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(8/2/97) Hi, I'm RoadKill and I'm 11 years old. My name, RoadKill is my callsign in the game QUAKE. In about 1 week I'm going to start soccer practice.You see I'm lazy one half of the summer and active the other. My sister just got a new car and she's practiceing driving, and of course I'm in the back seat screaming. She's a pretty good driver.( I guess??? ) My web page is still under construction but there's some stuff you can look at.Ok,

(8/30/97) RoadKill speaking on Home Life. Hmmmmmmmmmm.........Well Guess what. Me and my dad launched this little model rocket last week, and we put too big of an engine in it and it blew off the tail fin and melted the parachute. The last Airshow I went to I got this little airplane, and it has a little Cox engine in it. Its control line so it goes in circles around me. Its fun to fly, and that's what I'm going to be when I grow up, in the Air Force. When I grow up I know what car I want too. It's a 1951 Chevy pick-up, and I want to put a Super-Charged Nitrous Oxide injected V8, 15 in. Slicks in the back. Leather seats. A Tachometer, and that's it. WWWWWWWeeeeeeeelllllllllll............ until next time RoadKill. Bye-Bye!!!!!

(11/28/97) Hello, me again... Guess what!!! at the soccer tournament we lost every game!!!! We stink big time. I play midfielder. It's my favorite, and my best. I don't know who won it, but were like 25th. Maybe not that good. Well, my friend Scatman finally got a computer. After years of Sega, SNES, and other systems he got a computer thank the lord. He's got a Penteum 233 mhz and he's playing Solitare he'd better get some games for Christmas or I'll have to hurt'em. I hope I get Jedi Knights. Hmmmmmm.... what else..... So see you next time in a couple of weeks, or on the Internet playin' Quake. RoadKill signing off.

(2/1/98) YYYYYYaaaaawwwwwwnnnnnn!!!!!!! This month has been kinda boring. Nothing much happining. Well there was a couple of things maybe.... We had partys and stuff at school, and I got a new computer game, ( which I'm going to be playing after typing this! ) and ate a whole lot. I don't know why my family feeds me so much, It's like if they don't have anything to do they will cook, just for fun!!! That's very dumb. Tonight were having turkey but after today it will have been yesterday, hhhmmmm.... why did I tell you that? Me not know, but I do know if you go to my computer page you will be pleased. So get there as fast as you can, and I will be timing you.

(5/26/98) HeeeeeHeeeeee!!!!!!!! We are out of school, and you know what that means??? That means you'll get to see more of my useless commentary more often!!!!! (Joy) But thats good because I'll have better stuff. So um, where were we, ah yes, me out of school. In about two weeks I'll be at an Island far away from everyone so I won't have much going on here then. Home Life isn't very exciting for me so check out my other stuff. Good Hunting all!!!

(2/1/99) Hi. RoadKill here. There's alot to talk about because I haven't updated my page in a while so let's get started. First of all my soccer team is the state champs, UNDEAFEATED BABY!!! We're good. Also Christmas came by and showered me with gifts. (good ones too!!!) Most of them will be mentioned in computer stuff. (Hint, Hint!!!) As I've mentioned before my homelife isn't very exciting so check out my other pages!!!

(6/6/99) Yesssss!!!! Summer vacation!!!! I'm outta there!!!! Bye, woo-woo, see-ya!!!! This is cool I got a remote control gas-powered airplane. It rules!!!! We've flown it once. Were not very good. But at least its fun. My sister goes of to college this year. I'm going to miss her. Boo-Hoo. (right!!!) I'll have plenty to do so don't worry. Vacation this year is going to be awesome!!!! The beach is going to be nice this year. I'll get a tan. Hurry over to my computer page don't worry about school stuff, I'm out.


Hmmmmmm, some of my jokes are good, others are bad but here are a few....You Decide!!!!!! What do you get when you give a president a lazer? Give up! RONALD RAYGUN Heheheheheheheheheheheh!!!!!!!

Duck meat is duck..... Pig meat is pork..... What do you get when you mix'em!!! A Dork Hehehehehehehehehehe!!!!!!

What is red, white, and blue and lays on the ground..... An American flag after a hurricane!!!!!!! Boooooooooo!!!!!!!

How did the chef make some money??? He made some dough!!!!

What did Ronald McDonald give Dairy Queen at their wedding? An onion ring!!!! heheheheheheheheh!!!!!

Why did the flea cross the road????? To get to the flea market!!!!!!


What's Batman doing in a tree? Looking for Robin's nest.

What's red and runs a hundred miles an hour? The Bionic nose.

What's black and white and goes up and down twenty times a day? A nun doing push-ups.

What's Santa Clauses wife called? Mary Christmas.

This page is still under construction!!!!!

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