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"The Little Kitchen"

Most of these folks have dropped by my site,
checked out the tunes, and decided to put a link on their webpage
back to The Little Kitchen. So these links are to some pages
whose owner's obviously have real good tastes in music!!!!
HEHEHE!!! :)

MIDITRAX Rocks!!!!!

MIDITRAX - This is MIDITRAX, where MIDI, RealAudio
& animated gifs groove happily ever after......

Music at it's best!!!

Lords of Sound - A flight across virtual music........

Cool music and killer graphics!!!!

Michael Cox- A Universe of Sight and Sound!!!!

Come check it out!!!!

David Long- A World of Music!!!!

Music of Cyberspace

The Keyboard Wizard- The Music of Cyberspace...........

...A feast for the ears and mind!!!!

Aaron Walz -Famous Walz quote- "I wanted to play my own pieces,
not "dead guys' stuff!".

Enjoy!!!! border=

Aasgeier Vormund - No fancy frames, graphics, tables, yada, yada, yada.
This page exists to showcase the midi files.

The Original Midi Gizmo

Mike Zee Electronic Music- A VERY Cool web site with some really great tunes!!!!!

Music from my desktop to yours!!!!

FreeBrick's Visual Midi - Long live original Midi music and the Midi composers.............
We all need the music!!!!!!

Thus, Fate knocks at the door

Chops- A very cool site with a bunch of great tunes!!!!!

Dean's MIDI and RealAudio

Dean's MIDI and RealAudio- His main musical instrument is the guitar;
and almost all of his material stems from pieces or melodies
that he has first written on guitar.

Gitman's Original Music Forum

Gitman's Original Music Forum - A great site with tunes and info!!!!

MIDI Corner

MIDI Corner - In MIDI corner I will present to you things of general interest about MIDI,
my own compositions and sequences, and hopefully your submitted ones.

The following are great midi related sites
with bunches of great tunes and/or information.

Midiots now!!!!!

The Midiots - Here you will find out what a midiot is, who they are and what
can be done about them. You might even want to be one...

Music, Music, Everywhere!!!!!!!!!!

MIDI Composers World - Here you can find 420 Midi-Composers from 51 countries.


MidiWorld - A world of midi......great artists......great music.......and great info.....

Nice place to live!!!!!!

MIDI City - Dedicated to original midi music by songwriters
and midi developers from around the world.

We ain't growing wheat here!!!!

The MIDI Farm- Bazillions of MIDI files,
and tons of information!!!!!!

These folks have helped with this page through their donations
(Thanks for the help with the pictures Spike!!!),
and/or their "encouragement" during the construction of my page
and the creation of my tunes.
(Thanks for the support Porky!!!)

Check out his Wife's page while you're there!!!!!

Porky's World- Check out The Pig Pen!!!!

RoadKill's Lair Digital Kitchen(MP3'S!!!!) Tunes from The Little Kitchen Tweaked Tunes Games from The Kitchen The Little Kitchen

"Hail to The Chief"

(Whichever one you want to hail too!!!)

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