"The Digital Kitchen!!!!!"

Yep....that's me......

Listed below are some of my tunes in both MP3 and NetShow (ASF) format.
Audio files (waves) converted to these formats tend to be large files.
However, when listened to they sound like they are supposed to.
MIDI files, as you probably know, rarely sound like they should
at the "receiving end" due to hardware and software
differences between the composer and the listener. Each of these tunes started life as a midi file.

MP3's are nothing more than a compressed wave file.
The NetShow ASF (Advanced Streaming Files)
files are a type of streaming file which work with
Microsoft's latest Media Player that can be found
The new MS Media Player will play both types of files.

However, you also have the option of getting a "stand-alone" MP3 player
such as Winamp, which can be found

The MP3 file works best if completely downloaded
before listening if you don't have high speed access.
However, both the MP3 and the NetShow files can streamed
when using Internet Explorer 4.0 or better. With Netscape Navigator 4.0,
you apparently have to download the entire file before listening
to either format. If anyone knows what you have to do to
stream these files with Netscape, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!!
But either way, it will take a fast (ISDN or better!!!)
connection to stream the MP3's properly.
The NetShow files only need a connection greater
than around 30kbs to work properly.

These both sound A LOT BETTER than RealAudio!!!!
(If they work!!!!)

Thanks for listening!!!!!

The links below will stream all my tunes
to your computer in mp3 format.
The tunes are grouped in different albums/genres!!!


Tunes from my CD "Christmas in the Kitchen"

Tunes from my CD "Moody"

Tunes from my CD "Majestic"

Tunes from my CD "Fairy Tales and Other Truths"

My Guitar/Game Soundtracks!!!

How about a Podcast????


"Christmas in the Kitchen"

"Fairy Tales and Other Truths"


"My Guitar/Game Soundtracks"

"All my Tunes"

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Here are the Tunes!!!!!!!!!!

Da King-

MP3- 3.3 meg


MP3- 2.4 meg

Midevil Waltz-

MP3- 3.1 meg

Da King (slow version)-

MP3- 2.9 meg

Da Funky Greenspan-

MP3- 4.7 meg

The Little Star-

MP3- 2.9 meg

The Jungle-

MP3- 2.5 meg

The Hunt-

MP3- 4.0 meg

The Quest-

MP3- 7.9 meg

The Approach-

MP3- 2.9 meg
NetShow- 760K


MP3- 2.6 meg
NetShow- 682K


MP3- 7.5 meg
NetShow- 1.9 meg

Dark Castle-

MP3- 3.7 meg


MP3- 5.5 meg


MP3- 5.5 meg
NetShow- 1.4 meg


MP3- 4.9 meg
NetShow- 1.2 meg


MP3- 3.9 meg
NetShow- 1 meg


MP3- 4.8 meg
NetShow- 1.2 meg

Jingle Bells-

MP3- 2.2 meg

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear-

MP3- 1.7 meg

Oh Holy Night-

MP3- 4.2 meg

What Child is This/Carol of the Bells-

MP3- 5.0 meg

Oh Come All Ye Faithful-

MP3- 1.7 meg

Away in a Manger-

MP3- 1.5 meg

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel-

MP3- 3.5 meg

Silent Night-

MP3- 2.1 meg

We Three Kings-

MP3- 3.0 meg

God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen-

MP3- 4.2 meg
NetShow- 1.1 meg


MP3- 4.1 meg

Two Faced-

MP3- 4.3 meg

Techno Mikey-

MP3- 4.2 meg


MP3- 3.6 meg
NetShow- 940K


MP3- 3.9 meg
NetShow- 1 meg


MP3- 4 meg
NetShow- 1 meg


MP3- 2.5 meg
NetShow- 664K


MP3- 4.9 meg


MP3- 2.9 meg
NetShow- 751K


MP3- 4 meg
NetShow- 1 meg


MP3- 2.8 meg
NetShow- 736K


MP3- 5.2 meg


MP3- 4.0 meg


MP3- 4.1 meg


MP3- 2.3 meg


MP3- 4.6 meg

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