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(8/2/97) Ok, computers..... MY FAVORITE SUBJECT!!!!!!!!!! now every week I'll talk about a different game if you have any questions, I'll answer them right here! This week DARK FORCES. The Doom like Star Wars game, by LucasArts. This game is about the Empire hatching a plot to destroy the Rebellion. (What's New???) Your charecter is Kyle Katarn Mercenary for the Rebels. Your mission or missions! are to discover the new Secret Weapon and Deestroy it. K? Sound Easy? (kind of) I Finished the once after 1 month, then I did it with the Cheat codes. (Heheheheheh!!!) Next week When I start a new game I'll post the cheats. K? Bye-Bye!!!!

(8/30/97) I just got a new game a week ago. Interstate 76' Very Groovy!!!!! I give it Five Thumbs up! It's a way cool game. Your character is Groove Champion, Auto-Vigilante. You drive a Picard Piranna' with guns and stuff on it, and blow up stuff. My favorite car is RoadKill's ride a car I built for myself. It's extremely cool. Scatman drives a stupid little ABX Strider. RoadKill's ride can blow it away easily. Oh and before I forget here's the cheats for DARK FORCES Laimlame- invulnerability Lamaxout- is all weapons. Bye-Bye!!!!!

(11/28/97) Do you get the magazine PC Gamer? I love that, quality reading material. It's funny. My dad can blow me away at Quake, but I can whip him at ATF, and Jedi Knight. I only have the demo but thats still fun. I want it for Christmas. I don't Know what cheats I'll post so I'll give you Duke Nukem 3D dnstuff- All stuff dnkroz- Invunrability. Ummmm... I'll try to get more stuff on this next time but Cya later!!!

(2/1/98) Hello, Hello!!!! how ya doin'! well I'm doing great. I just got Quake II that game rocks! I'll post the cheats for it at the end. So what up? I'll bet Scatman is looking at this right I want to tell him something. Let's race via modem today!!! That's cool he got his modem fixed so now we can play against each other. I usually win but he does too. We play other games too. I wish he would have got I76. Well here's the Quake II cheats- give all, god, notarget. Those are the best ones!

(5/26/98) I got some new games, Flying Corps Gold, and X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter. They are both very good, and me and my dad play against each other. We haven't tried Flying Corps, but I kicked his you know what at X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter!!!! Scatman's havin' more computer trouble, and thats bad, we can't play against each other. Ummmmm....... send me requests on what game you want Cheat Codes for, I know em' all!!!! So until next time, ROADKILL!!!!!!

(2/1/99) Now the moment you've all been waiting for, ROADKILL'S CHEAT-A-RAMA!!! Nearly this whole paragraph will be cheats from my cheat library, a few cheat links, and all around cool stuff!!! 1. Unreal- God-God mode Playersonly-Enemy freeze Summon itemname-Give yourself whatever Fly-Fly around Open Mapname- You figure it out. 2. NFS III- Dcop Ecop Madland Merc Jag Go#- Try em' you won't belive the results!!! I would love any suggestions, comments, or questions about any game you got. Belive me I'm the man to ask.

(6/6/99) For all you serious gamers out there I have just the game for you. Worms Armaggeddon. Fun. On the Roadkill scale frome 0-100, its a 90. I love it. Here' some more cheats ya'll might like.

Quake II- God Notarget Give all Hmmmm.... I thought I had more. Please send me fan-mail I need suggestions!!!

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