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Hi there!!!!! I'm Keith......a.k.a. HeadCheese. That's my name in Quake, a game that I was hopelessly addicted to a while back. I live in a small town in North Carolina. We only have around 2500 folks here. There's only about 40,000 in the entire county!!!! But I'm not complaining because that's the way I like it.

I am thirty-nine years old and have a wife and two kids....a daughter and a son. I've been married for twenty-eight lonnnnnnnnnnnng years :), but it's been really nice. My wife is a nurse, and I am a Maintenance Manager for Renegade Tobacco Company. I've been there for about two years (after spending 22 years at RJ Reynolds and then finding out suddenly that my job had been "eliminated"). Now wait a minute before you go off and think oh no, he works for an "EVIL TOBACCO COMPANY"!!!! Trust me.......the crap you hear through the media is just that..... CRAP!!!!! We are hard working folks just trying to make a living making a product that people have known all there is to know about for over a hundred years. We just happen to be the unlucky recipients of waaaaaaaay too much publicity lately since Clinton declared war on us (to take the heat off himself???) and made us politically incorrect. Oh well.....I'll get off my soap box on this issue. But as you probably figured out, this is one issue I take very personally. Besides, the government makes way more money from the sale of cigarettes than the companies do!!!!

UPDATE!!!! I now work at Polo Ralph Lauren as a Maintenance Manager. We are the distribution center for:

I hope you like/liked the music on my pages. I really enjoy putting the pieces together. I'm definitely not an expert in music theory, but I think I know what works and what doesn't. I took four years of piano starting when I was about seven and all I learned was that I didn't like to take piano lessons. I then went on to play saxophone in elementary and high school. I played in the concert, marching, and jazz bands. I also learned to play guitar when I was around thirteen and played in a couple of small basement bands. I found out pretty quick that I enjoyed doing original tunes much more that copying someone else's stuff. That way if you don't play it exactly the same way every time, nobody knows but you!!!!!!!

Many people have asked me how I dream up my music and I always have a hard time explaining how I come up with the songs I put together. I catch myself humming a lot at work. I have some really great tunes in my head, but I seem to forget most of them before I can get them recorded (old age???). However, the lucky one's make it to the recorder, and then I just start building on them. I used to record all my songs on a 4-track recorder. Now I mostly use the 4-track as a mixer, and use Cakewalk ProAudio 8.0 to record with. But I still do it basically the same way as I did with the 4-track. I usually lay down a drum track along with a rhythm part. I then might add some kind of a background track and then maybe a lead track, and keep working until it's finished....whatever finished is!!!!! Just start with a concept, and go from there. Play with your timings and instruments, and you'll be amazed at what your little idea can turn into when it grows up!!!!!! But remember...just like a child, your tune might not turn out exactly like you expected!!!!

I also have a few other hobbies including working on/playing with my cars and computers. I think working on cars and computers is much the same thing. You just don't get dirty when you work on a computer. You change parts on them both to enhance performance, and then go try them out either on a track, or with a benchmark program. A computer acts just like a car in many ways. Moving data is like moving air.. The I/O is just like the intake and exhaust system on an engine. The programs are the fuel etc.....................

My pet car is ('s gone. Turned into a tractor, 30' x 40' building, and a paved driveway!!) a 1967 427 Cobra replica that I built in the basement. It is a VERY fast car (12 second 1/4 mile!!) with a Ford 427 stroker engine putting out around 500 horsepower!!!! It only weighs 2700 pounds so it's a blast to drive!!! It's won over fifty awards at car shows, including several "Best of Show" trophies. The last show I went to was at Piedmont Drag strip near Greensboro, NC. It was a Ford/Mopar show. I had the opportunity to "pick a fight" with a Dodge Viper GTS. Guess who won????

Here's a picture:

Enough about me.....
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